Hair Cuts for Kids Program

At Status Barber Shop we are focused on not just being a business but being rooted in the community we grew up in. The unfortunate truth is that not all children in Victoria can afford to get their haircut. We at Status have created a program called Hair Cuts for Kids. If you know someone who has a child but can’t afford to take them to a barber, please bring them into Status Barber Shop and have a chat with on of our staff.

How the program works:

We cut children’s hair based on the principal of giving back. We reward children who meet or exceed their academic expectations or who volunteer back in the Victoria BC community with a free hair cut. The good old saying stands “what goes around comes around” and we encourage youth to give back to their community and we will happily cut their hair for them its a true win-win!

How you can help out!

You may not be a barber, but hey you can still help out! Here’s how. If you are a local business or even a good Samaritan, please feel free to donate supplies for school children. Bring them down to Status and we will have on our staff members drop it off at a local school to be distributed. Remember your childhood…was it awesome? We’ll help other children around the community have a great school year by pitching in. The education of our youth is the future of our Country!

To donate please drop by Status Barber Shop at 4-1010 Yates St, Victoria BC or call us at (250) 590 -7828

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